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About Our Magazine Subscriptions Services

Buying magazine subscriptions is now easier than ever. After working in this industry for over 25 years we've really made the process of subscribing so simple. Our subscription services are used by consumers, business customers, school libraries and classrooms and students. Subscribe now and get savings up to 89% off retail newsstand prices. Enjoy our services!

Here's how the MagazineSubscription.com ordering process works:
  • Choose the magazines you want to order
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Here's what you need to know about our subscription services:
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  • We do save you lots of money and time
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Corporate Magazine Subscriptions Service for Businesses and Waiting Rooms

If you have a waiting room or reception area in a school, or library or a business like a car dealership, an oil change center, a health spa or medical practice where you need to keep people comfortably occupied while they wait AND at an affordable budget then magazine subscriptions are a great solution. They come each week or month and even if people take them your inventory is constantly getting replenished.

We work with numerous magazine publishers, fulfillment houses and circulation agencies to give businesses access to the top magazines that can be found in reception rooms of all types of businesses and schools around the country.

Let's be serious, magazines are a heck of a lot cheaper than paying the monthly cable bill for a flat screen television that only displays one channel. Why not give your customers a better experience? Magazines give you the ability to can give something interesting to all people that walk into your waiting room and keep them busy while they are waiting.

Look through our catalog online and you will find hundreds of magazines in dozens of categories that address every hobby and passion to meet your customers' needs.

Here's a quick list of corporate subscription service benefits:
  • Order business subscriptions to newspapers and magazines
  • Benefit from reduced publisher authorized rates
  • Choose from hundreds of popular titles
  • Select Package Deals of magazines already bundled together for more savings
  • Great selections for lawyers, medical practices, salons, health spas and dealerships
  • Review your account online at your convenience 24/7
  • Renew subscriptions each year with one invoice